Living starts where land ends.

If you’re like us, we know you’d rather be enjoying a Lake Louie beer while watching the sun call it a day. So, we’ll keep this short and sweet. Lake Louie isn’t just beer. It’s an open invitation to make a splash. To not simply dip your toes but to dive right in. Simply put, Lake Louie is your sudsy sidekick to life on the lake — even when there’s no lake around.

We believe that quality of life has something to do with the quality of beer in your cooler. That’s why we’ve been committed to brewing beer that’s crisp, clean, and always full of flavor since the day we first started filling barrels. But even though our beer is quality-crafted, it’s still beer that doesn’t take itself too seriously — because life shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your suit. Find your lake. Make a little time to care less and live more. And of course, don’t forget the Lake Louie.

A Brief History Lesson


Lake Louie is born. Founder Tom Porter turns his mid-life crisis into 106 barrels of beer in the first year.


Lake Louie produces 4,000 barrels per year and starts to make a name for itself beyond the lake.


Lake Louie and Wisconsin Brewing become a family to bring carefree lake living to more and more people.

Photograph by Sharon Vanorny
Photograph by Sharon Vanorny

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