Quality crafted for flavor

Not to mention another round

Around here, we believe that quality begins with integrity. It’s why we brew every one of our beers with only the finest ingredients around. Whether it’s an IPA, a pilsner, or a pale ale, you can expect a beer that’s flavorful, easy-drinking, and always ready to roll.

Badger Club

Amber Lager

An easy-goin' lager for easy-goin' folks

Welcome to the club. No bouncers. No passwords. Just an open door to where golden hour never ends. So, take a load off and crack open a liquid pause. We saved you a seat.

33 IBU
5.5% ABV
U.S. Open Championship 2022 Bronze Medal Best American Amber

Warped Speed

Scotch Ale

The backwoods' best kept secret

Smuggled out of the backwoods and delivered straight to your hand, Warped Speed is a full-bodied beer with subtle sweetness and a supremely smooth finish. So, buckle up and get ready for wherever it takes you.

35 IBU
6.9% ABV
Best of Madison Magazine 2022 Bronze Medal Best Local Craft Beer
Best of Madison Magazine 2021 Bronze Medal Best Local Craft Beer

Kiss the Lips

India Pale Ale

Spend several minutes in heaven

Experience those first-crush feelings one sip at a time. The late-night chats on the dock. The spin-the-bottle anticipation. Gazing longingly. So, crack one open and spend several minutes in heaven.

54 IBU
6% ABV

Rational Haze

Hazy IPA

Close your eyes & taste the passion

Go on, close your eyes. Savor the passionfruit, the bright citrus, the tangerine, the tropical fruit. We’re pretty sure you can almost feel the dock beneath your feet and sun on your face.

35 IBU
6.5% ABV

Li’l Louie

American Lager

The perfect li’l porch pounder

A li’l lighter. A li’l crisper. A li’l easier drinking. A li’l more refreshing. Say hello to Li’l Louie — a true and classic American lager that’s not like most other American lagers. We’re sure you’ll love it. More than a li’l bit.

10 IBU
4.2% ABV

Dank Beast

Imperial IPA

Crafted for the bold & brave

Don’t worry, this beast doesn’t bite. It simply aims to please. Available in a 16oz tallboy and a 19.2oz stovepipe, this bold and flavorful Imperial IPA is wildly smooth and has a kick that’ll shave the fur right off ya.

55 IBU
9.1% ABV

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